Democratized augmented reality platform: AR for everyone!

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It's basically a Pokémon Go creator for anyone... or like Minecraft for the real world!
Absolutely love the name too — it's about time someone brought Neal Stephenson's Metaverse, described in Snow Crash, to life!
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@chrismessina Pretty incredible share. Thanks Chris!
@chrismessina Thanks Chris! We are excited to answer questions as people digest this a bit. Obviously, we believe that this is a big inflection point for AR.
Thanks for the hunt, Chris! We’re excited to announce the launch of the Metaverse platform and can’t wait to see what you build. Check out Dmitry’s blog post at for a deeper look at what we’re building and why.
WOW!! I was wondering when something like this will come up. Love the Halloween theme game.
@guyshimoni Thanks Guy! We've had quite amazing feedback, and seem to have made lots of folks happy :)
This is amazing. @Dmitry can you talk more about the inspiration behind Metaverse?
@eriktorenberg Thanks Erik. Added a comment on PH, and here is a link to our blog post about the release -
Metaverse as in... SNOW CRASH?? ❄️
@raiza_abubakar Different, but similar :)
@dmitry I applied for access anyway :P