Simple workflow and process management

Metatask combines the simplicity of a task manager with advanced features of BPM system letting non-IT users quickly create even complex workflows.
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Thank you @chrismessina for hunting us! 🖖 We started Metatask a while ago as we wanted a simple solution for managing all the recurring processes we had in our agency. Having all employees working remotely, we felt it’s important to have all things well defined and streamlined as much as possible for both our employees and our clients. When people can’t see a fancy office and nice furniture a smooth onboarding experience and a simple process to request a leave - this is what makes your employees’ impression about the company. Moreover, for clients, nothing can make a better impression than a feeling that everything is streamlined and the next step is always predictable. We hope you’ll give Metatask a try! So if you read that far here’s a Product hunt special: *Sign-up for a free trial; fill-in credit card; tell us “Meow!” in support chat → we will add another free month to your 2 weeks trial (you still can cancel any time of course).*
@nataliar0manoff this looks interesting does Metatask integrate with tools such as Google Docs
Hi @nigelfig, great question! You can use Zapier to work with Docs, Sheets or Drive, we do not have a "direct" integration built-in yet. Most popular use-case we see is to create new documents (eg. contracts or welcome letters) based on a template and data from prcess. Docs are not very good for this case, with tools like Webmerge being more useful.
will this be compatible with todo.txt formatting?
Hi @al_gepe, thanks for asking... and I should admit that I never ever heard about todo.txt before you asked! So I learned something new today 👍It seems that its not something we an effectively support, as process description is a bit more involved than a list of tasks.
@nataliar0manoff I understand. I have a thing for text as a cross-platform compatibility tool, but I don't think it's very common =P Thanks for the answer!
Thanks @nana_mark, happy you liked it! 👍
Great job!!😊 Will check it out
Thanks @ayush_chandra! Hope you will like it 😎