Watch streaming media with friends

Metastream allows you to watch internet videos with friends. It synchronizes media on websites so you can watch together.
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Hi, PH! I've been building Metastream as a way to create a better experience for streaming media on the web. Many products exist to synchronize media from a specific service such as YouTube and Twitch. My goal is to provide one product that works with most websites. In the past I've built popular game mods with the same concept, including Cinema and Media Player for Garry's Mod. Both suffer from constraints of only supporting specific websites. Learning from these past projects, Metastream supports many more websites such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, Crunchyroll, and more. For the product roadmap, I plan to add more traditional media player features such as playlists and a more audio-focused mode. These are still early days for Metastream so expect more developments soon! Please let me know what you think. :)
This is a really interesting idea @samuelmaddock. I think the question is, beyond gaming, what are the main use cases?
@ajmcgr Metastream allows users to synchronize media streams on the internet. An example could be a video on YouTube, a livestream on Twitch, or even music on SoundCloud. It does this by sending playback information to everyone in a session. What it doesn't do is stream any audio or video data between users. I'm still looking for ways to clear up this confusion so I'm open to any feedback in that regard. 😅
Does this work with Netflix? Is there a chat box?
@matthewfelgate Yes and yes. The chat box can be opened by pressing the Enter key while in a session.
This is slick, @samuelmaddock. Will try this out with @suzywillow when we're long distance.
@suzywillow @rrhoover Thanks, Ryan! Hope it works well for you two. :)
Unfortunately, we keep getting "Disconnected" if trying to invite someone :(
@typicalmitul Oof, there are some networking issues I'm still trying to resolve. The primary way of connecting—sharing friend codes—depends on P2P which can be flaky on some networks. I have a guide up on how to troubleshoot this issue: One of the features of Metastream is the ability to host your own session and have friends join by connecting to your IP directly. This means you can use Metastream even if any backend services go down! If you're comfortable forwarding a port in your router, the guide linked above includes the port.