Metastable Capital

A hedgefund for cryptocurrencies

Metastable Capital is a hedgefund focused on investing in cryptocurrencies and tokens.

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Eze Vidra
Startup investor and advisor
More about MetaStable Capital's launch in this Forbes article
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Arlo Gilbert
Super founder - ✌️Exits & counting
Pretty interesting. @naval How do you manage the risk of hacks so that investor exposure is truly against the market not betting on your ability to keep private keys safe or the exchanges to remain safe?
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Sam Cholera
Founder @ iSpy Sport Search
Great looking site. Easy to read and understand. I'm not ready to commit $1m atm, but if you were going to back anyone... @naval The About Us page says this... About Us The emergence of digital currencies is a black swan event with extreme upside potential for investors. Bitcoin is currently the clear leader of this space, but there are many scenarios under which other AltCoins could capture a significant portion of the digital currency economy. However, choosing the right AltCoin (and storing it securely) is difficult. Most AltCoins are pump and dump scams. The principals of this fund are highly technical (with deep cryptographic experience), and we believe this background will prove advantageous in choosing the few AltCoins that provide real, long-term value. An intelligent investment approach in digital currencies would allocate some percentage of funds into AltCoins. MetaStable allows investors to easily choose how much exposure they want to the AltCoin market. Team Lucas Ryan Lucas was the first engineering hire at a “Voltage Security”, where he worked for ~2 years on protocol design and private key management software. He is named on 2 cryptography patents. Since 2013, Lucas has: Won a large bounty for reporting / fixing a catastrophic crypto-based security vulnerability in a top-5 AltCoin. Reported a critical crypto-based security vulnerability in one of the most poplar bitcoin wallets. Worked on blockchain analytics software for various private research projects. Contributed to the elliptic-curve encryption/decryption code that will ship with the next version of the Electrum bitcoin wallet. Lucas has a solid understanding of the sizable body of cutting edge research behind Zerocash. He has been studying it for ~1 year. Lucas has a Bachelors in Philosophy from Stanford. Joshua Seims In 2002, Joshua founded HitPlay, a video encoding / distribution company, which he scaled to > $20 Million in annual revenue, and 35 employees. After HitPlay, Joshua was an angel investor for several startups in the San Francisco Bay Area. In 2013, Joshua and Lucas founded TrustedCoin, a bitcoin transaction cosigning service. TrustedCoin was one of the first companies to use sophisticated multisig protocol features to enhance bitcoin security. He has a Bachelors in Computer Science from Harvard. Naval Ravikant Naval is the CEO and co-founder of AngelList. He previously managed The Hit Forge, a seed investor in Twitter, Uber, Stack Overflow, Postmates, Optimizely, Thumbtack, Wish, and others. Naval previously co-founded Epinions (which went public as part of and He’s on Twitter as @naval and blogs at In 2014, Naval co-founded Meta Stable and was the first LP. He works closely with the Fund.