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I've launched this service to help people easily find reliable specialists for their tasks. Currently service works WITHOUT any commission. I see metasko as 100% client oriented company, so leave your feedbacks or suggestions for improvement and they will taken into account in strategy planning.
@burzakovskiy1 the tag line says virtual tasks, but the website mentions task such as cleaning, handyman and babysitting. How are these virtual tasks?
@shalabh_ yeah, someone else just pointed that out to me on Twitter. Is my fault. I don't think that I can update the subtitle. When I was speaking to the founder on Twitter via DM, I thought that virtual tasks would be the use case. Actually i still think that is the case, as I don't think these guys have any physical people in SF for example. With them covering virtual and in person tasks, I guess it's more like the original task rabbit (before they pivoted and became unusable for many people, including me)
@_jacksmith I agree with you. Currently we are physically presented in limited number of cities and most tasks can be performed remotely/ virtually. But the tag line as @shalabh_ mentioned confuses a bit since it narrows focus only to virtual tasks.
I hope product hunt moderators edit the tag line :-)
The virtual tasks tag line got me too...not much difference otherwise