No code, drag-and-drop AI builder

Metaranx is a drag-and-drop software platform that allows you to build, share, and sell your own AI creations. No coding skills required. Share open source, buy, and sell components or AI APIs on the Metaranx Marketplace.
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In the process of building an AI marketing technology company, we discovered many blocks and repeatable steps in building AI applications. We decided to make it easy for everyone to build AI applications by creating a drag-and-drop software platform. We aim to drastically increase participation and limit bias in this soon-to-be $190B industry! If you're excited about this product, please sign up for our beta waitlist! If you have any questions, please get in touch. We're so excited to open up our beta soon!
We are trying to build a platform that can allow you to train state of the art machine learning models on any dataset using GPUs and deploy them as an API without any code. While building different ML tools to help companies with marketing needs we noticed many similarities between how those models were turned into functional APIs. Metaranx was born out of our need to simplify that AI creation process. I would love to hear what everyone would want from a no code AI builder. What goals do you want AI to achieve for you?
I always wonder what sorts of security are built into platforms like this. Will the data we build be secured using best in class existing plug-in security solutions or there something potentially vulnerable under the hood. What SaaS integrated providers are being used?