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Thanks for hunting Metaport, Tyler! Hello PH community! I love YouTube for the people. Those raw, authentic, independent creators who truly love making videos and expressing themselves. YouTube is awesome, but it doesn't really help me discover new channels like that. So, I made Metaport, a curated collection of great independent YouTube channels. This is an initial release, there are ~100 channels right now, and new ones are added every day. Let me know if you have questions, suggestions or ideas.
@freetonik What is the criteria of choosing the channels?
@rayku it's a little vague at the moment: 1. it's a channel made by a person or a team rather than a channel as a by-product of a corporation 2. the creator is independent as much as possible 3. they have a community around the channel, even if it's small. This is more of an indication that their videos are engaging in a humane way... 4. having an active patreon account is a good sign noo :)
It's like product hunt for independent YouTube channels.
Hi Rakhim, congrats on your launch on PH! Love your idea, I've been watching Casey Neistat vlog for over a year now and I always felt like I'm missing out on so many great youtubers out there but had no idea how to find those. One thing though that I'd really love to see in the future. If those a curated collection, I'd love to see at least short descriptions by the editors – what's this channels is about and stuff. You know, like "You should follow this if...". I see you copy their original description but in most cases it's pretty useless to be honest. Anyway, great product and good luck! :)
@stepamitaki Thanks Stepa! This is definitely on my roadmap! I was thinking of maybe (eventually) turning this into a community-driven collection, so that fans can leave their descriptions of channels.
@freetonik that would allow for easier scale sure, but it would also lead to decrease in quality. I want a trustworthy authors, those whose taste I like. this is the main reason I love The Sweet Setup blog for instance.