Search engine for Instagram

Metaplug lets you connect with engaged fans and build a thriving community. Powered by the Search tool, Metaplug finds people likely to engage with you and become super fans. Monitor your communities growth with a Heatmap showing you where your fans live.
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Hey all, this is my first launch on Product Hunt. The inspiration for Metaplug came about when I tried to make it easier to promote music shows on Instagram. I am excited to hear your feedback and see what you think of this project!
Great platform for sourcing influencers. Love the follower heat map!
@lachlankirkwood Thanks! If anyone is interested in a free Heatmap, shoot me an email at with the desired IG handle
This looks really dope @itsbenha!
@alexanderspoor Thank you Alex! How was your experience with the platform?
I tried searching for an account using the 15k credits given by metaplug but everytime i type any account's details on the payments page I get a notification saying account not found.
@rakshit_ravindranathan1 Hey Rakshit, sorry to hear that. Our scan database is overloaded right now. Can you send email me your email that you signed up with as well as the Instagram account you submitted? I can manually add it for you.