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Brings Ethereum to your browser


MetaMask is a bridge that allows you to visit the distributed web of tomorrow in your browser today. It allows you to run Ethereum apps right in your browser without running a full Ethereum node.

Would you recommend this product?
CEO at Casa

Metamask is one of the only ways for people to interact directly with Ethereum apps at the moment. They have an early mover headstart but will have to work on their UX if they want to stay ahead.


One of the most "user friendly" ways to spend tokens right now. Great for devs trying to utilize Web3 for building on Ethereum


UX is still not great (which says something about crypto UX in general that this is one of the best out there)

OMG i dont know

One of the easiest way to use ETH, even though the UX is still far of the non-crypto standard. Confortable to use, it is simple to manage multiple wallet and to switch network.

Oh, and the interface can be quite slow when cats get stuck in the tubes.


The most easy way to use Ethereum at the moment


Still, not so easy and required good knowledge of ETH network

Weekend Club Founder

Keep up the good work.


Easy to use. Cool fox. Just plugs straight into Chrome.


Not so good for long-term storage. Getting a hardware wallet for that.

Founder of CoinJournal.net

Great plugin, but often slow since the recent updates.


Easy to use


Sometimes sluggish on OSX

Founder, CoinJournal

I love using Metamask, I find the UX simple to use and have found it perfect for handling ERC-721 tokens, but sometimes it is slow and takes a few attempts when sending.


Simple to use


Sometimes slow

I like metamask... But god are they greedy. Fees are beyond absurd. And if u lower um they usually refuse your offer,andif they do accept your low offer it takes um hours to complete transaction. So i only use MM when i have no other choice.
-No Customer Support -Cannot move tokens out -Everything stuck in this wallet Wish I’ve never transferred into this wallet. Very easy to transfer into and swap, but I’ve been trying to SEND using this wallet and it will not allow me. I’ve logged a call with their support – Zero response. Basically all tokens locked into this wallet and cannot move them out.
I really don't like fact that metamask blocking some sites, for example i bought domain and my website is blocked by metamask, and support don't care.