Metal Pay

Pay your friends and get up to 5% back in crypto.

Metal Pay allows people to instantly send money to friends & family with just a phone number and rewards them with some cryptocurrency for each transaction — think next-generation Venmo or Paypal. These rewards, called "Pop," are delivered in Metal's cryptocurrency MTL and can be immediately converted into dollars or sent to another Metal Pay user.

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31 Reviews3.8/5
Congrats on the launch! I’m already a big fan of the Crumbs app. Looking forward to using Metal.

I've had the idea to do payments with my housemates in crypto, so this piqued my interest, but this is shady. Not a great way to establish trust, and I'd say that's fairly important if you're in the business of handling people's money.


Don't know


Every comment on this hunt is a shill. Didn't even try make their users look legit (1 upvote of all time, on this hunt).

Glad you had an idea of a crypto payment app/platform. Talking about it and actually having a product are two different things. Also how is Metal Pay shady? They are FDIC insured for $250k something that every bank is. Can't say that about Venmo or Cash or any other P2P smartphone payment platform. Not really shady at all.
I agree with @mrlee440. Why choose an app like Venmo or Cash? when you can choose an FDIC insured option like Metal Pay? Beautiful UI and app by the way.
You haven't even used the product and are making claims it's shady due to the fact the community went and supported something they believe in. The link was posted on the Metal community discord of over 1000 members, so a lot of people including myself decided to make an account and upvote it. They're all real people, and nobody was paid to shill it.

Maeby for new ppl to crypto world. The crypto cash back itself. But no reason for user to understand it.


New age looking app. I guess i will ditch Venmo.


Haven't found any.

Hey @kenanp, @jfatora, @marshallhayner & @kg_3, Can you tell us more about what you've built here? What aspect of this product are you most proud of?
@kenanp @jfatora @marshallhayner @jacqvon We are very excited about getting people rewarded for something they already do.. paying friends! At the same time, we’re showing them cryptocurrency in a low risk way and getting them into using it everyday.
@kenanp @jfatora @kg_3 @jacqvon Metal Pay represents the next generation of payments applications. Fiat currency alongside crypto, PoPP (proof-of-processed-payment) which is a minting mechanism for cryptocurrency. I would say I'm most proud of PoPP and our stunning design. I know this last one isn't an aspect of the product, but I'm incredibly proud of my amazing team!!! 🔥🤘🙌
For a first release the app is pretty neat and simple, a good foundation to built upon, looking forward to see next releases ! Also for once we have a crypto app where we don’t have to deal with wallet addresses... Good job Metal Payment team !
Update : so while the app is well made, the major feature is not working for me, I have been sending money to my wife but I haven't received any Pop rewards yet. Not sure what I am doing wrong here or did I misunderstand this particular feature ??