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😱 Konami just dropped a new teaser trailer for the next Metal Gear Solid at E3, one of my all-time favorite series.
@rrhoover Yesssss, such a great series. So excited for this game. I've heard from initial reports that the open world stuff takes away from the story a little bit and big boss is really quiet. We'll see...
when i was 13 i built my first website and it was pretty much dedicated to metal gear. I WANT. NOSTALGIA.
@mscccc is it still available via the Way Back Time Machine or floppy disc somewhere in your parent's basement (my Conan O'Brien fan site built in flash is hiding on a CD in my parent's attic somewhere).
man.. i'm a really Metal Gear addicted (I have even the bottle of wine from Metal Gear Solid ) and now i can't really wait for September 1st... the hype is killing me EDIT: i made a calendar about MGSV: http://daysleft.to/metal-gear-so...
What did I just watch
@atroyn :-) The finale of a 25+ year series that has generated nearly $1B and 40M sales. Wish I was the Product Manager ;-)
Can not wait for this. Pre-ordered this 2 years ago on Amazon..