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Metafact is a crowd-sourced fact-checking platform powered by the world's scientific community. Anyone can share an article, claim or question in science & technology - we source hundreds of verified experts to share the evidence and publish a consensus on whether it is fact or fiction.

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This is a fantastic idea, site looks good and is easy to navigate. Hope it's gonna get popular and hope the answers are actually reliable as trust is always an issue with these kind of services but they have multiple "verified experts" voting on whether or not something is true..
@anna_0x thanks Anna. 100% agree re the trust issue which is why we wanted to build it. Quora / wikipedia allows anyone to answer/edit anything. We have 2 levels of trust - we verify credentials first before answering and then allow a consensus to emerge. Instead of just one expert sharing the facts, over time thousands of specialists vote based on the evidence. We think this will allow a more trusted place to verify knowledge on the internet. Any feedback or ideas on our approach - please let me know!
@ben_mcneil yes, sounds like a good plan :) I don't see anything wrong with the described method, we'll see how it goes in the future but it's looking good! Something unrelated, if you are the maker of the product, why have you only listed yourself as the "hunter" and not also the "maker"? :))
Wow great product
Because I’m new the PH.. whoops..