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Thanks a lot for hunting us @williamchanner! Hi Product Hunt, I’m Jason. This all started when I built a simple app to help my mom clean up her computer - she had over 350 files on her Desktop! At Meta Search we believe that you should be able to find your files as easily as you can find stuff on the Internet. We’ll be here all day to answer your questions - we’re looking forward to hearing from you! 😃
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@jasonrastrick @williamchanner This looks very promising. How much will it cost?
@danflopes @williamchanner We're still thinking a lot about this and would love feedback! When we leave beta, we'll be charging $10 a month for the Pro tier that allows unlimited cloud integrations and devices. We plan to support a lot more cloud accounts in the future. ☁️☁️☁️ There's more info here: Any ideas?
@jasonrastrick @danflopes @williamchanner $10 for pro seems reasonable. What devices are you thinking of?
@macbikegeek @danflopes @williamchanner We're working on a Windows application right now, and we'll be supporting iOS and Android as well 😃
@jasonrastrick @danflopes @williamchanner My wife is eagerly awaiting the Windows version!
Thanks for hunting us, Will! Hi Product Hunters! Very excited to be here 😍 Adding to what Jason said, we created Meta because the average employee wastes 4 hours each week searching for or recreating lost work 😱 I’m a huge fan of productivity, so that is not cool! We’ll be here all day answering questions and would love to hear your feedback, so keep it coming! I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts on what we’ve built! 😃
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Hey everyone! I'm Aaron, CTO at Meta. We're super excited to be on Product Hunt today! I'm more than happy to answer any questions you may have about the product and our journey building it. We've got a lot of exciting stuff going on 😊 FYI, we've hit some Google Cloud Platform quotas due to a usage spike today 🎉 🎉 🎉 We're working on getting them resolved ASAP, but if it takes a bit longer than usual to get your account set up that's likely why!
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Wow, thanks Product Hunters for all the traffic! We've brought on more than 10 times as many people today as we have in a single day so far, indexed millions of files, and processed tens of millions of requests. That's awesome!!! We did have a few hiccups along the way in getting everyone's Meta accounts ready, primarily in the form of slow downs, so some of you may just now be getting access to the search. There were a few different issues at play, but after some awesome work put in by our team and the wonderful folks at our technology partners, we've been able to mitigate most everything causing slowdowns, and the system is just about caught up to where it should be! If you haven't been unlocked just yet, you should be soon!
Happy beta user. Highly recommend it for anyone who works with multiple teams or companies.
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@heliostatic Thanks, Ben! Glad you've found Meta helpful so far 😃
I now rely on Meta to search Google Drive, because Drive's native search sucks (irony?). Congrats Jason on getting hunted!
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@morganpolotan Thank you very much! Glad we've replaced Drive search for you. Are there any other integrations you'd like to see us add?