Meta Nutrition is an automated meal plan generator and food tracker made for beginners and experts.
Create custom foods, personalize your weekly meals, and calculate your nutrients targets to crush your fitness and wellness goals
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Thanks for hunting us @chrismessina and hello PH peoples! With myriads of misinformation and fad diets, knowing what to eat and staying on track with your nutrition and diet can be very challenging and time consuming. My name is Simone Zienna, and I am the founder of Meta Nutrition. As a certified personal trainer and a nutritionist I wanted to set out and build and app that handles the complexities of providing people meal plans that fit their goals and are aligned with their dietary preferences. We can’t wait for you to try it and look forward to hearing your thoughts and questions!
Set up my profile on the platform and it was a wonderful experience. However, I think the calories estimation might be wrong as I'm getting a much bigger surplus than I expect to when set to gaining 0.25 lbs a week. But either way, good luck with the launch!
@suibinhong Thank you for the feedback and I'm glad you liked the platform! We consult with our team of dietitians weekly, so I'll make sure we bring the calorie estimation issue up to them!
@suibinhong @simonemeta Getting that issue too!
Beautiful UI for something that will definitely improve our lives and health
@shaker_curious Glad you like it! :D
Very interesting. Something to note is that I am 6'0" but the UI wouldn't let me submit with 0 in the inches column. It also allowed me to be 5'23", and 6'(-12)"!
@ian_o_brien Whoops thank you for pointing this out! We'll fix it asap! Hope you liked the rest of the app :)
@ian_o_brien We just fixed the issue with the inputs if you wanna give it a second try!
Looks great. I absolutely hate vegetables, which of course is the only thing you can eat to lose weight! Is there a way to tell the plan generator to skip certain foods?
@sparkyuk11 Thank you! You hate veggies? oh no! Right now we are working on implementing restrictions so you can do exactly that. We previously had it in our signup form but need more time to test it out and make sure it functions as intended.
@sparkyuk11 a comment on "...vegetables, which of course is the only thing you can eat to lose weight" Um, that's not actually true. You can eat anything and lose weight as long as you consume less energy than you use ^-^ You could technically lose weight by only eating ice cream as long as you follow that rule. Of course it would cause all sorts of problems for your body but you would lose weight.
@anna_0x I know, I was being silly :) However, I feel it only correct that I try your Ice cream suggestion in the name of fact checking....