AI-powered tech news aggregator ⚑️

Meta+ is a self-reinforcing Artificial Intelligence based on deep-learning neural nets that aggregates huge volumes of data to give the latest and most important tech / crypto news.


Meta+ is fully automatic working 24/7 and it collects data from any sites, group them by topic, exclude duplicates, rank them by popularity and filter by keywords.

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Hey guys, Thanks for the hunt, @alexanderisora Our story is very simple, I love to read tech and crypto news only, and I hate to see ad banners everywhere! So, we have created our own AI-based news aggregator, clean and no banners. The entire system can be divided into three large parts: a crawler, a semantic analyzer and the site itself. The algoritm almost the same as Google News. Crawler does not load the sites it goes to. It does in three times less often than, for example, the robot "Google." It does not take everything, only new data. Crawler is written on Python. Crowler's website is made on Django. This site is much more complicated than the main one, which almost entirely consists of the generated static. Angular on the frontend. The semantic analyzer uses the TensorFlow library by Google. Meta+ uses clouds: several virtual servers, cloud storage and so on.
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I love the concept of a simple yet powerful news aggregator. Minimalism rocks!


Clean design, smart algorithm, no banners and promo.


Comments and likes would be a nice addition.

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"it collects data from any sites, group them by topic, exclude duplicates" these words right here, are something I've been waiting to read for so long.
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@anna_0x I'm glad you like it;)
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