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Hey Product Hunt! I'm really excited this is my first product getting hunted. After finishing a round of trying product ideas, I had a back log of ideas that I wanted to execute and one of them was an automated way to pitch an idea or strategy that I have to a batch of my friends at once. As I work through product ideas or strategy, I love to bounce ideas off of my friends but the problem is all of the conversation beginners is going to be the same pitch, so instead of copying and pasting and changing the name to be different, I thought it'd be better to select a batch of friends, write the couple of messages I want to pitch, and then hit send. In the future I really want to work on adding more advanced features such as N messages, and adding image attachments (for design iteration) as well as randomly A/B "testing" messages to a batch of friends so that it's easier to conduct a methodical user research experiment with your facebook friends.
@mikeshi42 so one my friends is named "Bob `BigBob` Smith" and guess what his $lname gets parsed as?
@orliesaurus I'd sure hope it's "Smith"! :o (It currently grabs the full name of the user and then splits by space and uses the first part of the name as the fname and last part of the name as lname.)
@mikeshi42 well it comes out as BigBob :((
How will this not be used for spam? Or is it more like"with great power comes great responsibility"?
@chrismessina Great question! To be honest, I'm hoping that it doesn't become too big of an issue yet. The only safeguard is that you can only message your friends and that you can only add up to 16 friends at a time. I think those two constraints are reasonable enough for everyday use but prohibitive to spamming random people or spamming a lot of your friends (which I imagine you'll no longer be friends very quickly). In the future hopefully I'm looking at rate limitations or maybe even captchas of some sort if that becomes a bigger issue. Initially I was not sure how much traction this extension would even garner so I'm pleasantly surprised how much traffic it's getting now, I do hope though that for now the current limitations + the goodwill of people will prevent any terrible abuse.
Love this idea! I've always wanted something like this. One thing that I'd really like to do is to send a private message to every one of my FB friends on their birthdays, that says "Hey {fname}, happy birthday, hope you have a great one!" or something like that. I think it really helps to establish a better relationship and connection than posting on someone's wall. I know your product doesn't automatically do that, but it is definitely a step forward.
@sashaeversnap That's a great idea, it's an interesting direction to help build out features that focus on social connectivity (I do that rather poorly myself) rather than just productivity. Will make sure to keep that in mind!
Wow this is fantastic. We're constantly sending messages to a private FB group we created of about 500 engaged users and it's way too time consuming. Going to use this a lot :)
@ridderingand_ Awesome! Let me know how it goes and what features you'd like to see! I'd love the feedback :D Ideally there'd be a way to figure out a good way to expand the 16 user limit because I understand there might be legitimate use cases for messaging that many people but as @chrismessina has pointed out, just hoping for the best with no restrictions isn't the most sustainable way to go about it.
Does this app no longer work? I can't seem to install it anywhere. Thanks!