Analyse your facebook messages

Data is the new oil. So why not learn from yourself what the big companies learn from you? Simply request an export of your facebook data, and our application crunches the numbers and creates graphs, word clouds and tables for you to analyse. Your messages remain in the browser and are not uploaded anywhere.
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Do you really ask me to upload the content of all of my Facebook messages to a random website? :D Seriously, who would do such a thing?
@popydo i had really the same thoughts, maybe show more information about privacy on the homepage @samx
Probably one of the biggest concerns, but all the data stays in your browser and kept in memory. At least you get some juicy metrics :)
@popydo @payrequest I'd agree, my landing page is quite minimal at the moment 😅
Best comment I've gotten is "i'm uncomfy but i love it"! It’s in its early stages for now, so the features are quite minimal, but I’m really open on what features people would like to see.
@samx why were they uncomfortable though?
@mike_babiy it's because you might second guess your messaging behaviour after you find out your send receive ratios 😂