MessengerKit for iOS

Build highly customizable chat UIs for iOS fast πŸ’¬

MessengerKit for iOS πŸ’¬ is a drop-in UI for messenger interfaces on iOS built in Swift. Centred around a single UIViewController, MessengerKit is themeable to fit your needs and includes a number of powerful features.

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Hey Hunters πŸ‘‹ This was something I built when working on the chat for Travamigos. I couldn't find anything that was light on the opinions but offered enough sugar to make using the framework worthwhile so I decided to roll my own. I'm really happy with MessengerKit and think it strikes the right balance of being easily customisable while also having the flexibility to your designer onto it. Some of the features MessengerKit offers are: - UICollectionView based with pre-loading and caching of size calculation for bubbles. - Auto-growing input view. - Multiple included cell types: text, large-emoji, image, video. - Presentation of SFSafariViewController - Built-in, customisable themes. - A custom theming system to bring your own UICollectionViewCells, headers, footers, and input views. - Avatar support (currently only in the travamigos theme). I'll be adding some more themes and features soon and would love any feedback you folks have 😁❀️
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Currently using within the Travamigos app, this MessengerKit has not only been very stable but gives us a great foundation to build upon.


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