Messenger X

Messenger X app is a free messaging app for text and calls.

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Tristan Isham
Tristan Isham@tristanisham · #I'mStessed
I'd like to differentiate this comment by focusing on the positives and saying congratulations @avidican92. Building an app is hard! Though personally I don't have a use case for this app, good job for sticking with and making it! Keep on working on your projects and teaching yourself new skills. Building an app is always an awesome experience, so disregard the comments that might call you out for making something that already exists. I'm glad that you submitted this and that you're working on something! Keep at it! I'll definitely follow you to see what else you make and submit. 😊 Good job on making something!
Andreas Duess
Andreas Duess@andreasduess · CCO, Nourish Food Marketing
I was wondering when somebody would invent a technology that would allow me to send typed messages to my friends.....oh, wait.
Lyondhur Picciarelli
Lyondhur Picciarelli@lyondhur · T&R Project Manager at Weta Digital
@andreasduess I feel the same way. It's incredible how technology is so advanced these days.. the differentiators are also gobsmacking. And the name; so inspiring and original. I'm floored.
Willie Morris
Willie Morris@morewillie · Formerly Amazon, Boeing, and Faithbox
@andreasduess RADIO ON THE INTERNET!
Tanishq Sharma
Tanishq Sharma@tanishqsh96 · Entrepreneur
Well, not gonna put a negative comment but these are more of a learning curve projects for the developers which they make in their "learning period", and then shape them as a product. For implementation, great one and clean UI pretty much same as iOS For idea, good to move on
carlos garcia
carlos garcia@androidlove · Co-Founder, Internet Missionaries
Yet another failed startup, can it compete with the established? Not a chance. Update this spot when you close down.
Tanishq Sharma
Tanishq Sharma@tanishqsh96 · Entrepreneur
@androidlove I'll add something to it: people have upvoted this :O
Wasim Ullah
Wasim Ullah@deleted-174482 · Hustler.
*Thumbs up*