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What's new in Messenger Platform 2.0: • Discover tab added to Messenger, showcasing popular bots in our ecosystem, nearby places that people can message, and businesses that offer support or answer questions. • Chat Extensions lets bots build interactive, social features that users can invoke directly into their conversations via the composer. • Parametric Messenger Codes let a bot dynamically generate multiple Messenger codes that provide different functionality when they are scanned. Users can also now scan codes by holding down on the main camera interface in Messenger. Enhancements: • The ID Matching API enables the pairing of ASIDs and PSIDs between an app and a bot belonging to the same business • Open Graph Template lets bots send open graph content directly to threads. Currently supports only music URLs natively with inline playback. • Bots can now access referral information when users enter via a Messenger Ads. • Released the Platform Design Kit, a library of components for designing bots. • On Facebook pages that have bots, the owner can now make primary CTAs like "Get Support" or "Shop Now" open the bot (in addition to "Message Us").
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@chrismessina thanks for the summary Chris.
@chrismessina thank you for this breakdown. Excited for the future of Messenger and chat bots in general :)
@chrismessina loving the last bullet. Such a small detail, but huge given that 80% of all messaging for FB pages (on Messenger-enabled accounts) comes through Messenger. This will enable really great experiences for customers.
@chrismessina Discover is going to be big in 2017. Chat extensions seem powerful going fwd. Do you see the codes exploding here?
@chrismessina These are great, but really looking forward to the matching API, every business or app with a "login with facebook" has loads of user data, but had no way to easily connect it to a "new" user messaging them. This will help immensely with UX for customer service issues, etc.
Facebook Messenger: Where people are brands and brands are people.
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@nivo0o0 yay, I can see one of the chatbots we built featured in the background! (BabyCentre logo top middle, https://www.ubisend.com/case-stu...)
@chrismessina Chat Extensions seems the biggest deal of all, don't you think ? While 1-1 bots were somewhat differentiated from apps and websites (with some advantages and disadvantages), group bots can provide functionality / remove friction to group interactions in a really unique way (not unlike the most populat Slack apps). The enhanced virality is of course very exciting too (much more promising than the Discover tab, I think). Congrats to @Vernon99 @davidmarcus for the great improvement
@mvaragnat well, iMessage apps haven't really been a run-away success (as far as I can tell), so it'll be interesting if Messenger Chat Extensions will beat that trend.
What a great day for bots.
It's much stuff. All I want to do is txt.
@eboy yeah, i think messaging platforms are getting a bit TOO advanced. it sort of destroys the point of having a conversation when all you're doing is messing around with bots and browsing a secondary app store.