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Beautiful Mac, Linux & Windows client for Facebook Messenger

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**DO NOT INSTALL!!** Heads up for anyone using this! This used to be great, however it now contains a bunch of malware unfortunately. Seems like @Aluxian sold it (his name was removed from the site). DO NOT INSTALL.

While the marketing site is well done, it's the first time I've let another program install some malware on my computer. I should have been more cautious.


Nice wrapper but...


It has installed MacKeeper silently during installation.

I'm also really put off by this. Got to the EULA and bailed because the wording in it makes it seem like you don't have a choice in whether or not it gets installed.
This great piece of software is a wrapper for Facebook's Messenger. While there are already a few Mac wrappers out there, this is the first one I know of providing builds for Linux & Windows. I should add that it leverages native notifications on OSX & Ubuntu. On Windows notifications are supported through Google Chrome. @Aluxian probably can shed a bit more light on how it works. The code is open source and available here:
Thanks @nikgraf for the submission! I decided to create this app to provide an easier way to use While it's not the first of its kind, it has the most features. You can make voice calls and video calls. Notifications work on every platform, but OS X and Windows users also get a badge in the dock/taskbar with the number of unread conversations. And, there's no weird sound when you start typing! I appreciate feedback and if you miss anything I'd love to work on it and add it.
@aluxian Would you mind sharing how you fixed the system sound that plays after you type the first character?
@savjani I didn't have to fix it. My first try to creating a desktop app was by using XCode. I created a project with a WebView then I noticed some things didn't work quite well. Then I switched to and the sound was gone.
@aluxian I get ads now. Have you done anything ? (while installing)

Even if you choose advanced install to make sure it does not install shitty stuffs you don't want, it still install MacKeeper??? I wonder what other shits are being installed without you knowing about it. If I could downvote this app, I would seriously do it

Trash this shit and install Goofy instead (




Install shits with the app