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One think I like about Allo is that I can get the news delivered at 7.30am every day... I definitely see more companies adopting the Messenger-newsletters format. One thing I dont understand... why call it MessengerChimp? - obviously because of MailChimp? But not sure its necessary and may be more negative if anything.
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@bentossell Had the same thoughts on the name, slightly confused me for a few seconds.
@bentossell Why do you like news via messaging instead of going to the news site directly. Doesn't it add noise to your messenger inbox? I'm asking because I see news sites creating bots but I'm not sure of the value.
@andrewwarner at the moment I only ever have the Allo news update in the morning. easily manageable. I've never been a particular news site fan... always get it from twitter. So Allo gives me a little snapshot at the start of the day
@bentossell Thanks for hunting us again :) I am the CEO of As I mentioned in our last week's release(, our goal is to bring more and more businesses onto the messaging platforms. While talking to numerous businesses, we see 2 main problems - (1) their email marketing strategies are not working effectively (2) though the users are on Facebook and Messenger, there is no easy way to acquire them onto their bot channels. Businesses need a way to get users onto their Messenger bots. Thus the idea of MessengerChimp was born; instead of signing them up for email newsletters, sign them up for Messenger Newsletters. Yes. MessengerChimp is a play on MailChimp, gives businesses an easy way to understand the idea. MessengerChimp is part of an array of tools we are building at MindIQ for businesses to effectively run their businesses on messaging platforms. Looking forward to all your feedback on the product.
@areghuna yeah I understand the product, and agree - its useful. Just had an issue with the whole play on MailChimp - think it's unnecessary IMO
@bentossell we were looking at MessengerMonkey for next week :) ...hint... hint... time to get a product naming guy....
@bentossell @areghuna seems like another potential ™ violation... just like "The Next Bot".
@chrismessina @bentossell Chris, thanks for pointing out.... as long as the content is news and not promotional, it would not constitute any violation. That is again left for the individual page owner. We have enough reminders on the onboarding flow to remind the bot maker not to put any promotional content. Let me know if I am missing anything else here?
I'm very allergic to this idea. I don't want to bring the worst part of broadcast spam and non-interactivity from email to the messenger space. This kind of system creates lazy, unengaged businesses that pollute the messaging space for the rest of us. Don't pee in the pool, folks!
@chrismessina Chris, agree that we need to keep our communication channels spam the history of time, most of our communication channels got misused (sms, email, app notifications, telephone, billboards) reducing the effectiveness of these channels... if you think from the business side, there is a genuine need for businesses to engage better with the customers... hope businesses use it for the right intentions and hope the tool builders(MIndIQ..) as well as the messaging channels (FB Messenger) do a better job than the email companies in keeping out spam. Dont shoot the messenger!!! p.s: I was initially hesitant to release it as a separate tool and package it in our business bundle, but thought we will get valuable feedback this way. Thanks for the great feedback... always appreciate it.
Okay, no offense, but, MindIQ has been KILLIN IT lately. Nice one - setting up my acct now. @MindIQ_in @areghuna @mkothapa @lucky_wankhede @manpreet_singh_bedi @devenbhooshan @bentossell
Sounds Awesome! Looking forward to trying it out