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We've been following conversational commerce quite a bit over the last year and find ourselves curating and thinking about apps and news on the subject a lot on our team's Slack. Thought I'd share some of what we're reading and thinking about with you all every week so that we can start a broader dialog around it. Would love to have you on board, if you're interested. You can also follow us on Twitter @messagingweekly and send in your thoughts, notable apps and news that you think we should mention. This week, we're still reeling from the announcement that Parse is shutting down and wonder about the implications for how businesses think about platform risk on Facebook Messenger. Would love to hear your thoughts so that we can collect them all and share them next week. Hope you enjoy πŸ˜€ is so good for this kind of thing.
@chrismessina your term is catching on ;) #ConvComm
@bentossell @chrismessina No offense or anything, but Dan Miller of Opus Research was using the term at least as far back as 2012. I work with him now. Figured giving him some credit can't hurt. But not trying to put the kibosh on anybody else using it or taking credit for coming up with it on their own.
@vachatblog I've been in touch with Dan. It's pure coincidence that I ended up on the same term he did. Kindred spirits!