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Hey Product Hunt! As messaging becomes part of every experience — commerce, communities, marketplaces, dating apps, on-demand services, games — we (Layer) want to play our part, not only in powering rich messaging in mobile and web apps, but also in helping product designers craft better messaging experiences from the start. The Layer Messaging Design Kit for Sketch includes 20 ready to use wireframe and fully rendered messaging views. We’ve also included 84 vector icons and 30 rich media cards. All the views are built with Sketch symbols to make customization quick and easy. We hope this tool comes handy to many of you as you include messaging in your product designs.
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@tomazstolfa Great work Tomaz. Thank you!! This kit will help me a lot!
@agisilaostsaras happy to hear you find our Messaging Design Kit useful. All the credit for the design goes to @ercvider
@tomazstolfa You just made my day! Thank you for hunting this! Best design kit ever!
@nguyenstephane thanks! Off topic - I love Remember 👌
@tomazstolfa ah! Thanks man! if you have features you want to see in Remember, let me know! :D
The best design kit I've ever seen!
@ios_javi 🎉❤️
@tomazstolfa looks amazing. Are you working on an Android version too?
@onurakpolat yes! We wanted to share the tool we used internally as soon as possible. We'll definitely be adding Android soon.
This is an excellent kit. Thank you!
Looks great and will surely prove useful to many UX professionals :)
@ivanbrezakbrkan thanks Ivan. We'll keep adding to it.