Text message local businesses

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Hey there Product Hunt! We've built MessageUs as a central nervous system for businesses to stay connected and transact with their customers through any messaging channel. Would love to hear your feedback, thanks!
Cool stuff. Local business communication is a huge productivity blocker for me. I like that this could alleviate that pain but also avoid the high premiums of other "concierge" chat apps . Congrats on the launch!
Wait, so RealTalk rebranded to MessageUs?
@moinism Completely rebuilt the product. RealTalk was purely consumer + call center. Now we have the business platform + introducing payments.
@tbjornson ah okay, Great. Wanted to give it a try but its currently US only. So I guess I'll have to wait.
So, it is like Intercom for brick and mortar businesses with call centre/response assistance?
This looks really promising. This may be just what the doctor ordered to assist customers/businesses in communicating and hopefully eliminating the hassles of connecting. Definitely will keep my eye on this one. Great job!