Reads you texts and emails while driving



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Marcel Reschke@marcelreschke · Digital Strategies as a Service
This is literally a lifesaver!
Garin TorenMaker@garintoren · CEO, messageLOUD
@marcelreschke Thanks, it took a ton of work to get here. We are adding WhatsApp within 2 weeks too.
Greg Cross@gregjcross · storyteller storyscaper
There are many states will eventually outlaw holding your phone while you drive for any reason- getting an app like messageLOUD with a cradle will keep you within the law. All apps will need to read out loud and use Bluetooth, such as WAZE.
Garin TorenMaker@garintoren · CEO, messageLOUD
Thank you for your interest in messageLOUD. As the Founder and Creator of messageLOUD, my goal is to aggressively tackle the Distracted Driving pandemic, whose primary cause is texting and emailing while driving. (Distracted Driving causes 25% of all car accidents and 3500 fatalities each year in the USA.) Let me begin by stating the obvious: the best solution to this problem is NO phone use at all. If you, your friends and family (including your teen drivers) can achieve this level of discipline, in addition to saluting you, we encourage you to encourage others to do the same. messageLOUD was designed for the majority of us that check our phones constantly, even while driving. I am, admittedly, as guilty as the rest of us. messageLOUD is the proud result of my desire to discover a viable solution to this urgent problem. My process was quite simple: I closely examined what has come to be accepted – and, most-importantly, legal – behavior while driving. In other words, what do governments, cities, and states consider best practice with regards to driving safely and using technology? Here’s what I found: 1. Listening is OK: Think radio, navigation, Spotify etc. 2. Touch is OK: Think blinkers, lights, windshield-wipers, navigation, radio, sound control, climate control, windows, etc. (Some organizations believe that voice commands are acceptable, but we believe it’s still too distracting for a driver. A recent study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety concludes that activities like dialing, changing music, or sending a text using voice commands are potentially unsafe mental distractions that can impact driving. AAA’s President and CEO, Marshall Doney, calls for developers to aim to reduce mental distractions by designing systems that are no more demanding than listening to the radio or an audiobook.) Our Solution: We designed messageLOUD to fit these best practices: Listening is OK: messageLOUD automatically reads your messages out loud without you needing to do anything at all. Touch is OK: Without looking at your device at all, you can dismiss (mark as read), delete, or call back the sender – completely eyes-free! (Simple-to-use, tailor-made, full-screen, patent-pending touch gestures allow you to do this safely.) I am asking you to partner with me in eliminating Distracted Driving. Together, we can make driving safer for everyone. Garin Toren Founder & CEO messageLOUD About messageLOUD messageLOUD is a patent-pending messaging service that automatically reads your texts and email out loud, allowing you to drive, work and play safely and productively. Our mission is to eliminate distracted driving with an eyes-free experience that enables you to automatically hear your messages out loud, to easily delete or dismiss messages, or call the sender back –– all without having to look at your phone. For more information about messageLOUD, partnership opportunities and customer support, visit
Garin TorenMaker@garintoren · CEO, messageLOUD
As a special discount to all Product Hunt users, email me: for a 60 day promo code.
Garin TorenMaker@garintoren · CEO, messageLOUD
WhatsApp is now live in @messageLOUD!