MessageBird Voice API

Add programmatic call capabilities to your app or service

MessageBird’s new Voice API allows you to place and receive calls from the cloud. It enables use cases like Anonymous Calling, 2FA Voice Prompts, and Global Call Forwarding.

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Hello Product Hunters! I’m Pete, Product Manager of Voice at MessageBird. Our mission is to modernize and simplify customer communication, and we’re taking another step towards that goal today by launching our newest cloud-based product: Voice. We’re excited to announce that the Voice API is now available to everyone. Along with per-second billing, we offer full fault-tolerance and quality control as we’ve built our VoIP stack in-house from the ground up. In addition to enabling the use cases mentioned above, our Voice API allows you to program the following features into your app or web service: Auto Machine Detection, Audio Playback, Call Recording, and Call Transcribing . If you don’t have an account yet, sign up over at and try out some sample calls. We’d love to hear any feedback you have. You can also reach me at
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So awesome!! Big fans of the messagebird team and excited to test out the new api!
Hi Pete! Is there a way to send text messages to U.S. recipients from a number that I own, but that isn't set up in Message Bird, similar to how I can set my caller ID to be a different but verified number for calls? I'm so sorry for the specific question, I was just thinking about a use case yesterday and then saw you launched this morning! 🚀
@justinboogaard Hi Justin, We don't offer that capability right now. Would it work for you to use one of our free shared numbers and send text messages through the MessageBird dashboard?

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