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Connect with your customers through different messaging apps

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Hi Product Hunters, MessageBird is an API for sending SMS, Voice & Chat messages. I'm happy to announce our newest product: Chat API. We built our Chat API product because of a growing need for businesses wanting to reach their customers on different Chat platforms. We made this simple with one API. We support Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Line & Telegram and will be adding more channels soon. You can get started with the API, use our chat dashboard interface or our ready-made integration with Zendesk to test us out. Our starting tier is free up to 50 MAU (chat users). We want to make a product you will love therefore please give us lots of feedback and we will answer any questions. You can also email me
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@robertdvis wow, so cool. Well done, nice to broaden your scope with messaging and stay true to your brand and focus. This goes beyond the telecom business. What stopped you from going to Whatsapp (huge in Europe and South America) as well? I know they they are not open to developers... but isn't there a workaround?
@milann There is no official API we can use and the workarounds are unstable for businesses to use in scale. This doesn't align with our thoughts on quality of service and therefore -although initially in our beta- we decided to kill it and wait for official developer integration.
@robertdvis smart move mister CEO / Entrepreneur of the Year
Love it guys, this looks really useful and the documentation/site is awesome! Keep up the hustle. Definitely will use this in a project of my own soon. 🍻
@ow thanks for the kinds words! Let us know when you get going with that project, we'd be happy to assist with any questions you might have.
Really well-executed and designed product. Going to share this with our team. Thought I'd also share my excitement with you guys via video:
@_shahedk Thanks for the love and cool product you built. Our team will check it out!!!
Nice GIF 😎
@nivo0o0 haha, thanks 😛
@nivo0o0 We actually worked really hard on this one so happy you noticed it! 💪🏼
An incredibly solid and well-executed product, from an amazing team. Chat integration is going to be crucial for so many of our brands. I'm looking forward to seeing adoption soar.
@ajkates thanks for the wonderful words! We're looking forward to the future of the Chat API!