Message Bender

Backup and delete all Slack messages in bulk

You can backup and delete all the Slack messages at once with this easy app. Just choose what to do and our amazing magic will do that job for you.
Message Bender App :
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6 Reviews4.2/5
I tried and like it. Great tool

Thank you


its easy to use, and can download a copy of your data after deletes


no cons so far

I love it!!
You can try free tier to give feedback. All feedbacks are more than welcome
It works like a charm :) Solved my a HUGE problem erasing loads of messages in #general channel on slack. Not sure why Slack doesn't provide this functionality, but these guys came to the rescue. They're also highly responsive over email and helped me when I had a small issue with the software. No affiliation in any way, just a happy customer. Highly recommended! :)
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