Connections that make sense!

Mesmo is a social network mobile application where users can make connections and chat with other users around the world.

Mesmo is designed to connect people with similar tastes/interests in their hometown, current position and future destinations.

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Thanks for the hunt @bentossell. We are really thrilled to be here. :) We wanted to create something that offers smart business and personal networking and simultaneously improves people's experiences when visiting a new place. (Mesmo can, of course, come in handy in your hometown too). Basically what the app does is connect and rank users based on 27 shared interest filters specifically chosen to make the most your next move. This could include anything from finding a cool restaurant, a hotel, some unique local spot and at the same time expand your network. So in one fell swoop, you win twice! Our plan in the coming weeks is to add content via API providers such as hotels, places to eat, theatre / concert halls (tickets), taxis and even airlines. Here is where we would really appreciate some insight from you guys: Should we make any changes to the interests? Are there cities you would add? (If your city is not here, we would really appreciate if you could send us an awesome vertical photo of any distinctive landmark). And hear any further suggestions for improving the app :) Cheers Alex :)
@alexisbalkin Love the goal, I certainly am with you on the value in facilitating amazing connections - and travel scenarios being a very interesting use case with more urgency. That said, one of the big lessons we learned while working on @ohheyworld in 2012-2013 was the vast majority of people don't "connect" for no reason. People need a very specific reason to ever go out of their way to meet someone in the physical world. What's the core "why" that's going to get people together? How do you get over the massive chicken and egg problem every app focused on connecting people faces?
@drewmeyers @alexisbalkin I think Drew has a valid point. Shared interest filters seem like they would provide some incentive, however I think you'd need to have an extremely sophisticated matching system. The web application used by Consumer Electronics Show in the past did a great job of matching interest and therefore, allowing easy scheduling of meetings. Maybe something like that?
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@drewmeyers @lynnfredricks thanks for the great comments. This is exactly what we tried to prove and validate through the 27 interests we chose. In our case it's about matching users over travel/local experiences. The goal is for people to make the most of their trips and not necessarily always meet people in real life, although that is of course an added bonus :) The matching system, which currently ranks people from 100% compatibility down to zero, will grow with the app and be far more complex down the line and together with the content we are adding, we just want to provide everyone with a great experience when going to a new place.
@alexisbalkin When you say make the most of their trips, what do you mean exactly? Do you mean contact someone for travel advice (tips/recommendations)?
@drewmeyers @alexisbalkin Yes, that is correct and I'm also referring to the services/content the app will provide very soon. I think the GM of our future hotel content providers summed it up pretty well: "I see Mesmo as a Swiss Army Knive for travellers. A companion to the user when he is traveling to a new destination, aside from the social dimension of the app, providing services to the user".
@alexisbalkin What are the incentives for people do either put in content, or answer questions from other travelers?
@drewmeyers @alexisbalkin thanks again for your input. We are working on an idea that we have already validated. Some folk find it rewarding to network and help other people. Obviously this doesn't apply to everybody, which we respect. Other more palpable incentives being introduced soon. Stay tuned.
@alexisbalkin Completely agree there is a segment that values networking and will help others. I just caution you to ensure you're not building a solution for your own use case, but isn't a problem to the vast majority of travelers. I made that mistake with Oh Hey World (location sharing is not a problem very many travelers are trying to solve).