Social Network for Neighbourhoods

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Human beings are social animals, and we have a basic need to belong. We use Facebook to keep us connected to our friends and family. We rely on Twitter to follow people and topics that interest us. And we depend on LinkedIn to manage our professional connections. But we feel something is missing. What about our communities, the places where we stay most of our time, our neighbourhoods? MeshUp is a one of its kind platform with the single goal of creating thriving neighbourhoods in India. It is an ideal place for residents, freelancers, formal and informal businesses, politicians, bureaucrats, police, NGOs to engage, collaborate and feel empowered. Tools and features designed will allow them to create strong real networks within their locality and help them connect with people harbouring similar interests. We at MeshUp believe that there is a lot of untapped potential in our neighbourhoods which can be exploited to create truly magical experiences for people living in these neighbourhoods. I'm open for AMA and would love feedback from the community!