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Stewart RogersHunter@therealsjr · Journalist/Analyst/Speaker - VentureBeat
I covered Meshfire for VentureBeat back in July; was surprised to see they weren't here on Product Hunt. One of the smarter SMM solutions I've come across, and definitely worth checking out.
Eli IsraelMaker@eliasisrael · CEO, Meshfire
So thrilled to be on Product Hunt today. Thanks, Stewart!
Greg Meyer@grmeyer · Data + Product @OutboundWorks
Smart team, smarter product. An interesting hybrid of card-based agile systems and social media management for teams. Meshfire helps you mobilize a team for an event or keep track of and manage social media conversations.
Amber OsborneMaker@missdestructo · CMO, Doghead SImulations
@grmeyer Thanks Greg!!
Amber OsborneMaker@missdestructo · CMO, Doghead SImulations
Great to see Meshfire on Product Hunt today! I'm the CMO of Meshfire and if anyone has any questions feel free to ask.
Brian Fanzo@isocialfanz · Millennial Speaker & Podcast Host
Been using Meshfire for awhile now as my Social Dashboard to not only organize the social noise but also manage my social community including setting up tasks and reminders to increase engagement and build relationships. The fact it has plugins for Buffer, Feedly, Survey Monkey and make it my go to dashboard for managing my social more like a community than a network! Great for managing a team or a personal brand.
Amber OsborneMaker@missdestructo · CMO, Doghead SImulations
@isocialfanz Thanks so much Brian! We appreciate the support.