Free WiFi for ridesharing passengers

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Very useful app that let's people share their data with others as a public wi-fi hotspot, and charge for usage too. Especially useful if you tend to go over your data limits often, just pay heavily reduced rates for wi-fi hotspots of others instead of paying ridiculous overage fees.
We just added a FAQ to hopefully answer some of your questions!
Hey this app looks cool! What's your biggest challenge with this business? PS: Love the fact that you use Maître :)
@mnlfrgr Thanks for making Maître, it was a quick integration! Our biggest challenge is solving the chicken and egg problem; our app gets a lot more useful when everyone has it!
@rgawdzik Makes sense. I've been there. My 2 cents: focus on the supply first, it's much easier than create demand. And if you have supply, people will just gravitate towards your product. Hope this helps!