Slackoverflow wrapped in a social network

Mesh is a team based social collaboration platform

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4 Reviews5.0/5

I have no connections on Mesh, and it's hard to discover them with search - especially if they're not on it yet. An invite system would really help grow the product! Look at how and work, sign up with your twitter account and automatically you have a network.


Social network that's actually productive


I have no friends

Works great with lots of features commonly found elsewhere but all in 1 package. Site is extremely fast even on mobile.


great idea. makes it easy to connect directly with like minded people (devs and techie types)


slightly ugly design, not 4k ready.

looks good! see my review – I would add a way to invite your network to Mesh, and make the invite thing prominent after the user signs up
@graeme_fulton thanks for checking it out. that is definitely in the pipeline, but for now I've sent you a a request to join the first team so you can see the app with some content and get a better idea of how it would look outside of the alpha.
@grizzlylonewolf thanks! I'll check it out soon!
Great stuff!!
@chrismessina yes a combination of the the two
@grizzlylonewolf LOL, just making sure! 🤣