MESG Orchestrator

The decentralized way to build software faster

Orchestrate services to create feature-based applications with a simple process file. Use complex technologies like blockchains or AI without needing to manage their complexities.
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👋Hey everyone! We’re thrilled to be launching MESG Orchestrator here on Product Hunt! As a team of experienced developers, we’ve seen the extreme costs that are involved in creating, maintaining and scaling software. So, to help fix this issue, we explored decentralization options with Ethereum, but found that building decentralized apps with good user experiences was impossible with the available tools. So we found a way to merge application development and hosting into one, all while rewarding and incentivizing all participants through an open economy. Instead of using a server, or trusting a centralized authority to host or run your apps, we're moving this power to the hands of the people, so anyone can earn from the services they develop, and the executions they help process and validate. But in order to build this open economy of development and hosting, we first had to simplify application data so it can be easily decentralized. This is where MESG Orchestrator comes in. It’s an orchestration system that allows users to create and manage entire feature-rich applications using any emerging technologies like blockchains, machine learning or IoT devices. With Orchestrator, users can build entire decentralized applications by simply directing the execution of tasks from new or pre-built services (available in the MESG Marketplace) with just a simple list of declarations rather than any actual code. MESG Orchestrator helps speed up and optimize software development while keeping complete control and customization over applications in the hands of their creators. Read more about why we started building MESG in this Medium article: Let us know what questions you have, and please let us know what you think! Happy hunting!
Congrats for the launch !!! An amazing team with a genuine revolutionary vision. It's only the beginning, can't wait to see the future of MESG, keep up the good work ✌
@thomaskientz Thanks for your support Thomas!
What a great product, like it!
I really think it's a revolution in the way developers are building applications. We are looking forward to use this very innovative tool ! Good luck to the MESG team for the launch of MESG Orchestrator !
@claude_dulac1 Thanks Claude! We are excited for you build on MESG. Feel free to get started on the docs here: 👍
@antho1404 Thank you Anthony, my CTO will check your docs.
Awesome product! Great work guys.