Collect concise feedback on visual content instantly

Hey everyone, I'm one of the co-founders of Metaphorio. Thank you @bramk! So we built Metaphorio to solve our own pain as a video production agency where we wasted a lot of time and energy on trying to manage the "non-creative tasks" that are part of most projects (e.g. follow ups, collecting feedback, etc). At one point we were using 8 different tools to do so. Let's face it, us video makers thrive when we’re on set, behind a camera, or creatively editing footage on our computers. Unfortunately, the production process includes dozens of little "friction points" related to collaboration, communication, and feedback that inherently lead to delays, frustrations, misunderstandings, and overall bad experiences for everyone involved (managers, creatives, and clients). We dissected this complicated process and created a collaboration platform that puts everything in one place and where people, feedback, versions, and status are automatically organised and managed. Would love to get some feedback, questions, love, etc :) Thanks for checking us out at Khaled
@khusseini @bramk It looks awesome. I will give it a try in the next few days as we launching a new service of explainer videos. Exactly what I was looking for it seems.
@dgicibi @bramk Fantastic! I see that you're already testing it :) Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on @metaphorio, and please share your new service when you can.
@dgicibi would love to hear your thoughts about Metaphorio :)
@khusseini Hi Khaled, we will start our first project soon. Setup and support was great so far :-)
@dgicibi Excellent! Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need anything else.
This looks like a useful platform. You guys worked with any brands yet or just peer to peer?
hi @ramzyis :) Absolutely! Agencies using @metaphorio are making videos for some Global brands. Give us a try!
Some awesome players in this space include @wipster, @goslope,, @wiredrive. Does anyone have any experience with them?
Hey hunters. Here's a code to use for any of the paid plans (1 FREE month): product-hunters. Take it for a spin. Would love to hear from you
Going to check this out to help streamline video creation for our YouTube channel. So far I like the clean and simple interface. Currently we use a combination of Google Drive / Dropbox to collaborate on video production.
Thanks @gregvt. We used those as well and will hopefully integrate with Dropbox down the line. Happy to give a quick demo whenever you like.
Hi @gregvt. Did you get a chance to check out Metaphorio yet?
@khusseini Yes I did! One question around the tiers - since we plan on making about 1-2 video per week, we would need to use a "project" for each one of those videos? Our model is slightly different since we would use it internally and not have any clients delivering projects to.
@gregvt I'll email you on the email address you used to sign up ok? We can certainly solve that for you.