Daily reports, stats and trends for your twitter account

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Excited to try this out! One note - it might be a useful on boarding technique to pull some basic info about my Twitter account on initial load. As it currently stands, I can't see anything particularly useful until a day from now, and tomorrow I may totally forget to even open the app.
@jcutrell Yes I thought about that a lot but I was afraid that showing the user only some data that he already know would have made him think that the app is not useful and never come back. I tried to play the "waiting" card and so that I can show actual data the second day. Also a notification will remind about it. Thank you for your feedback and I hope you will enjoy it.
Hey @xeo_it can you tell us a bit about Merlo please? How does it differ to other Twitter analytic tools?
@bentossell the main difference is that everything is done on the phone and well, the price! It's not meant to compete with high level expensive services, but it collects your Twitter data every day and give you a good understanding of your Twitter interactions. It's just nice to be able to see a report every day, and can motivate your social engagement.
Hi everyone my name is Francesco and I am the developer of Merlo. I've developed Merlo to help active Twitter users to better understand and organise their interactions. I didn't find anything similar and I didn't want to spend thousands of dollars in analytics services so I've decided to develop Merlo to keep my Twitter account under control and learn something with all the data I can get from the Twitter Api. Merlo becomes really useful when it starts having at least a couple of weeks of reports, every day it collects your Twitter data and compare it against the previous days. I've been using it every day since June and it's amazing to see my Twitter trends over the last few months. Also, I've already planned 2 major upgrades coming soon, with added features. I am happy to answer to any question, but since here in NZ is already midnight, I will come back online in about 7 hours :)
Looks awesome! I will try it ๐Ÿ‘Š