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Evan Tana
Evan TanaMaker@evantana · Co-founder, Sparks
Excited to give Product Hunters an exclusive sneak peek of MeRightNow. If you’re into fun social apps, check it out and let us know what you think. Drop us comments here or email me directly ( We love feedback. MeRightNow will launch on iOS first. It allows you to capture and share relatable daily moments using text on GIFs. The app is the second app out of Sparks Labs and is largely inspired by feedback and usage from our first app. Create a MeRightNow card in seconds using millions of GIFs (hat tip to our awesome partners @Giphy), add text and a filter and then share it on MeRightNow as well as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, iMessage and Email. Follow our team on MeRightNow…usernames: evan, danielrhammond, Teles, zethraeus and Agam. (Download this exclusive from the link above on your iPhone. iOS8 is required.)
ⓂMatt hartman
ⓂMatt hartman@matthartman · partner @betaworks
@evantana @sparkslabs @Giphy @evan @danielrhammond @Teles @zethraeus @Agam I really like how easy it is to create one of these. Curious why you chose to go with a tinder-like interface for liking versus having more of an instagram-like time-based feed?
Evan Tana
Evan TanaMaker@evantana · Co-founder, Sparks
@mattharman Yeah, great question...we spent a fair amount of time thinking through this. In fact, our first app had a linear feed design. So far, the engagement with the Explore screen has been much, much higher so fingers crossed we made the right choice. :D Couple of main reasons: 1) We felt like a reverse chronological feed wasn't as good for browsing a lot of cards -- people generally don't page more than 2-3 on a list. We noticed this both w/ our data and by watching people use lists. 2) We also didn't feel like the time ordering was as important as relevance and simply showing "good stuff". Time is one factor for relevance, but for our content isn't the most important. The cards allow for more flexibility here. 3) Related to #2, but purely from our own content curation standpoint, we get a lot more "life" out of really good content with the card design since we can resurface it days/weeks later. 4) This was a minor point at the time, but from user feedback seems to make a big difference -- because cards are centered and only show one at a time, it's much easier for a user to focus on the content. When it's in a list, your eye needs to do more work to track the card in focus and you get all distracted by the edges of other cards moving around.
Matt Navarra
Matt Navarra@mattnavarra · Social media consultant. Facebook geek
@evantana loving the app. I think it's going to be a hit. Minor issues with Twitter auth not working and all GIFs being displayed low-res at times. Impressed you got GIF to work on Facebook by creating it into a video clip to play in news feed. Smart.
Evan Tana
Evan TanaMaker@evantana · Co-founder, Sparks
@mattnavarra Thanks Matt. Glad you're having fun with it. It's been a lot of fun to build. Excited to see where it goes. re: the Twitter auth issues, that sounds more like a major issue if you weren't able to authenticate. :( What were you seeing specifically (feel free to email me directly if you prefer)? My hunch is that your Twitter tokens in the device settings invalidated when you upgraded to iOS8. We don't have a graceful fallback for this yet and should. You can verify if this is the case by going to your iOS settings > twitter and seeing if you get an error when tapping on your username. If you do, you need to reauthenticate with the device. Yeah, we've had to balance overall speed and performance with file size. Some of the GIFs end up better than others. :) Thanks; there's a lot of interesting and fun (well, not really pain in the ass) transcoding that needs to be done to get stuff shared properly across all of the different networks.