Stop merging your pull requests manually

Mergify is an automation service that merges GitHub pull request automatically. Defines your rules, and as soon as your code is ready to be merged, it'll be by Mergify. No need to do that manually anymore.

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Excited to finally announce our launch here! We spent a lot of time crafting this product and we've been using it ourselves for a while now (eat your own dog food as they say). We've a good set of first features that covers most use cases, but we'd be delighted to hear your feedback. Our engine is open source, so if you're more a coder than a writer, you can send pull requests rather than email. ;-)
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Will definitely try it out and give feedback but if the idea works as desired then this one of the biggest time-saving products of this year
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@arunadayb We've been using this for a year now, and I can only say that you're right. It's a time saver, and some of the advanced feature we provide (check the strict workflow are just must-have IMHO.
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What a little gem that I just found, awesome product and i can't wait for monday for sharing this with my team.