Crowdsourced predictions of startup mergers & acquisitions

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This caught my eye when @LDrogen tweeted: "I predict that @AngelList is going to acquire @ProductHunt - via @mergerize" The site is well-designed. I know a few people that might dig this. cc @Besvinick, @daveambrose, @daniellemorrill, @naval, @joshuaxls, @bryankchang, @wp
Yes! I forgot to add this after seeing Estimize launch this a few weeks ago. It's a particularly interesting complement to what Exitround is building.
So Mergerize is definitely a very raw MVP, we built it in a week as a labs project at Estimize, and one of the questions we had about the site was, what type of cadence was going to take place with traffic and contribution. The system right now doesn't encourage people to input the same prediction twice (same target same acquirer). But it's very valuable for everyone to understand how popular a certain target/acquirer pair is relative to the other pairs. For example, will it be Google or Yahoo who buys Yelp? We don't see a lot of that thus far. But the Product Hunt type upvoting system might solve that by easily allowing someone to replicate a deal and comment on it. This is most likely the next iteration of the site.
By the way, Product Hunt = brilliant.
I am a little confused - how's Twitter "going to be acquired in 2015" given that it's a public company? Although technically not impossible, highly unlikely.