A modern UI for GitHub pull requests

Mergefly is a modern UI for GitHub Pull Requests. Our goal is to remove all of the frustrations surrounding existing pull requests by putting developers in an environment where they feel the most comfortable with the most amount of information.
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As a developer, I was tired of the limitations of the existing pull request tools. Pull requests are one of the most important stages of the development lifecycle and it should not become tedious due to poor user experience. Mergefly is my solution to providing the best possible experience reviewing and merging code. It includes: - Instant integration with your GitHub account. Just sign in and get started. - Live updates. - Full context surrounding code changes - Toggle between multiple change views - Look and feel of an IDE - Hotkeys - Multiple tabs - Floating comments - Slack integration - Dark and light themes - Free for open source projects - First 30 days free for private repositories I hope you enjoy using the app as much as I do and I can't wait for your feedback!
Thank you so much for the upvotes everyone! I'm really excited to share with you that we just added a light theme. So if dark mode is not for you, then be sure to check it out. As always, I can't wait for your feedback.
Just logged in to Mergefly. Searched for and opened a public repo that I regularly work on. It was loading for a while and then said "No files or branches". Page became completely unresponsive. A big NO after the first 30 seconds of trying the app. Loving the idea, but the implementation is apparently way too raw.
@taraspetruk Thanks so much for taking a look at the site. I'm so sorry that your first experience was a buggy one. I've sent you a private message to followup and look forward to finding and patching the bug as soon as possible.
Just wanted to update everyone, the bug has been fixed. Thanks for your patience!