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EDMakerHiring@aten · CEO & Designer,
Hey Product Hunters! I'm Ed Aten, the founder of Merchbar. We are launching our first product today - an iPhone app to help you discover and buy music from your favorite bands and artists. We have a huge selection of official merchandise from over 3,000 bands like Led Zeppelin, Jay Z, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, The Misfits, 5SOS and The Beatles. Every day we create featured collections of cool merch (like playing cards, lithographs, hot new vinyl, hoodies, etc) and also have a chart and personalized recommendations. Productwise tried to make the commerce side incredibly light weight - one thing you won't see until after your first purchase is Double Tap To Buy. Double tap any item and we will bring up a purchase card prefilled with your sizing, shipping and secure credit card information. AMA! :) Ed @Aten
Ivan Kirigin
Ivan Kirigin@ikirigin · CEO, YesGraph
@aten congrats on the launch! Personalization is awesome
Kevin Li
Kevin Li@liveink · Co-Founder at Farmstead
@aten congrats on the launch!
Jonathan Swanson
Jonathan Swanson@swaaanson · President, Thumbtack
@aten Congrats Ed!
Erik Torenberg
Erik TorenbergHunterHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
@aten - out of all the things you can be working on in the music industry, why this? AND just released - awesome podcast with ed: for music lovers everywhere. cc @daualset @shachargilad @mattsandler @zisk @jonvanhala @carlos_adame @chamillionare
Aston Motes
Aston Motes@__aston__ · Founder, Assorted Bits
@eriktorenberg New music-tech podcast with @aten? Sweet!
EDMakerHiring@aten · CEO & Designer,
@eriktorenberg Today music merch is nearly untouched by technology and as we looked deeper realized this was an area that tech could not only help fans have a better experience but support artists, labels and merch companies. #fistbumponpodcast
Zack Shapiro
Zack Shapiro@zackshapiro · Building something new. brb.
Congrats @aten on the launch!
Aaron Batalion
Aaron Batalion@abatalion · Cofounder/1st CTO, LivingSocial
@aten How did you build personalization into the Merchbar experience?
EDMakerHiring@aten · CEO & Designer,
@abatalion When we first tried personalization we started by matching merch to the artists in the users library, but what we found was that didn't give us any indicator of merch quality - and when you have 100k items some artists return 3000 items! So we took a new take and once an artist matched we got into merch-specific recommendations sales data and inventory amounts. Then we realized there were some really special items that wouldn't show up programatically... so we spent hours ranking 10's of thousands of items by hand. There's still a whole lot of improvement to make. In the next version we hope to allow users to tell us which recommendations are good (other that just sales).
Bora Celik
Bora Celik@xbora · Founder, Jukely
Love the app. Congrats @aten! Just ordered a very Brooklyn looking Foo Fighters shirt that I can proudly wear in Williamsburg. I'd love to be able to filter merch by genre, I'm sure it's on the roadmap.
EDMakerHiring@aten · CEO & Designer,
@xBora Yes! Thank you. :) The Foo Fighter's merch game is so good (This jacket is awesomeeee Genre is super interesting from a data perspective. Knowing you are a nerd, who have you seen doing it well? :)
Bora Celik
Bora Celik@xbora · Founder, Jukely
@aten Oh wow! So cheap too... Yeah, hard to do good genre filtering I guess. We're not that great at it either tbh. Just that I couldn't think of band names I wanted to search for, off the top of my head, so I had to browse to see what I'd want but I didn't want to see the Lady Gaga stuff - at that point I thought maybe if I could just select something like "indie-dance" so I could see merch from people like Cut Copy, Van She, Bag Raiders, Empire of The Sun etc...
EDMakerHiring@aten · CEO & Designer,
@xBora Thats great feedback. We can really easily pull together genre-based collections of great merch in the featured tab for a short term fix. Thanks @producthunt!