Forecasting time series data made easy πŸ“ˆ

Meqem is a developer-first service to forecast any (non-random) time series data thanks to artificial intelligence and an easy to use API.

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@nicola1 I would like to have opportunity to pay per set or per forecast. Do you have 100% manual GUI panel to upload the set and get the forecast?
@vladkorobov We are thinking to add a pay per forecast pricing but we need to take into account the history data length (number of data points) we are just brainstorming, do you have any feedback about that (e.g. $ per forecast)? If you login you can upload your history data and download your forecasts via the dashboard. You can do the same via the API, we have also a node.js wrapper:
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@nicola1 it is ok to have calculator according to the size of the data and forecasting points. Any way in addition to the subscription would be nice