Easily identify and prevent genetic diseases for free

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Meports: Genetic Reporting is a tool that shows you which genetic diseases are lurking in your genome... for free!

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Ethan Steininger
Ethan SteiningerMaker@ethans100 · Software Engineer & Biohacker
Hi PH! I just launched Meports: Genetic Reporting tool which is a free tool that searches your genome for genetic diseases from a list of genes that researchers deem "preventable" or "noteworthy". It's free and 100% private - we don't save your genome or anything identifying. How does it work? 1. File Transmission: Upload your raw genome, which will be securely transmitted and temporarily stored on our server for processing. It will be deleted as soon as processing finishes 2. Gene Comparison We compare your genome to a master list of genes that reputable researchers have designated as important to monitor. As research changes, so does this master list. List available on site. 3. Gene Sorting The positive matches with this master list are sorted based on magnitude, which is a measurement of how confident researchers are that this gene is linked to a trait (mind, body, health).
John Foster
John Foster@jhon_foster · QA
Adam Tenhouse
Adam Tenhouse@adamtenhouse · SDET/SQE, Center for Internet Security
I've heard of similar methylation sites before. This one seems much less fly-by-night, which is nice. Which researchers do you cite? Is there a summary list of markers the service searches against? Can I ask what future integrations you may have in mind? I've heard good things about Genos, though their reports can be a little ... robust.
Ethan Steininger
Ethan SteiningerMaker@ethans100 · Software Engineer & Biohacker
@adamtenhouse yeah! Good questions I included a modal that lists out the genes we search against in the main page: exploring better ways of rendering this ;)
Tim Winfree
Tim Winfree@timwinfree · co-founder, Naranja Studio
Sweet. If I had my genome, I'd submit it. Although I would've expected this to be something 23andme already offered. Why do you think they aren't? Are there obstacles? What's next for Meports, apart from integrating the other reports?