Data driven self improvement app

We believe the key to maximizing happiness and success on this earth is to measure what works and what doesn’t. Only through measuring, can we identify the biggest contributors towards happiness and success and hone in on it.

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It's like a CRM analytics platform for myself. I like it so far. Very clean UI.
Hey Product Hunt, my team build Meports to scratch our own itch. We frequently introduce new habits, diets, and actvities in our lives but don't quite have a sense of measuring its' effectiveness. Meports was born out of this challenge. We are working on streamlining the compilation of health, productivity, and finance data to give anybody a better sense of how they are progressing towards their goals. It's in public beta but we're eager to continue building with your feedback!
@ethans100 , great idea! Liked it :)
@mimta10 Thanks so much! Working on it when I have time :)

Overall good UX, Keep it up :)


I find the idea of mixing a to-do list with mood and health quite interesting


I had a problem submitting the question in the mood question "Do you feel grateful?" but it was not a big problem

Hey. What sort of integrations do you have? What integrations are you planning?
@pupeno Great question. There are a couple "health" related metrics I'd love to track such as my gym workout effectiveness. Ultimately it comes down to which data points in my life are quantifiable, which is the biggest challenge. For example, the daily reflections is taking something super vague/subjective and turning it into a 1-10 objective ranking. Very open to ideas/suggestions.
Icons are not showing up in the features section of the website.
@huangdun Yeah... I didn't anticipate this amount of traffic unfortunately some of the served images/files are delayed.