MenuCar for Uber

Book Uber rides from your Mac, ETA always on your menubar

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Chris Saad@chrissaad · Head of Product, Uber Developer Platform
Really love this guys! You should consider also using the Uber Trip Experiences API to give real-time trip status for all the trips a User takes. That way they might initiate a ride on their phone but keep working on their mac while keeping track of the arrival time!
Shashwat PradhanMaker@shashwatpradhan · CEO/Founder @emberify
@chrissaad thanks Chris! Sure we are also looking to integrate the ride reminders and favorite places in the next version.
Shashwat PradhanMaker@shashwatpradhan · CEO/Founder @emberify
Hello Product Hunt! Really excited to be launching our side project with the Uber API today. MenuCar is a native Mac menubar app for Uber. To make the Uber experience seamless we built out our menubar app so that you don’t need to reach out to your phone to book an Uber, also you always have the time of arrival the closest Uber always on the menubar without opening the app. Looking forward for your feedback to add to our next update. Thanks for hunting us Neeraj!
Neeraj ThakurHunter@neerajt4 · Marketer |
@shashwatpradhan All the best! :)
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I tried using Fastlane for this a few weeks ago and the app didn't work. 😞 Downloading this now!
Shashwat PradhanMaker@shashwatpradhan · CEO/Founder @emberify
@rrhoover awesome Ryan! Let me know if you have any feedback 😊
Pontus Abrahamsson@pontusab · Developer
@rrhoover why not 😱
charlyn gonda@chardane · Developer Advocate @Uber
This is really beautiful! Nice work. I love that car graphic too 👌💯😍
charlyn gonda@chardane · Developer Advocate @Uber
@shashwatpradhan trying to enter an address with a numbered street name, like "465 32nd Ave, San Francisco CA" (which is a valid address) doesn't seem to work? known issue perhaps? :)
Shashwat PradhanMaker@shashwatpradhan · CEO/Founder @emberify
@chardane hi Charlyn, seems google places is returning bigger place landmarks. (Will investigate this) We have just put in an update where you can drop a pin at your place. Should be available in couple of hours.
charlyn gonda@chardane · Developer Advocate @Uber
@shashwatpradhan no problem, this is still awesome, thanks for building it! :D
Shashwat PradhanMaker@shashwatpradhan · CEO/Founder @emberify
@chardane we solved the address issue in the latest update with more improvements 😊
Douglas Evaristo@douglasevaristo · Front End