MenuBar Stats

Advanced Mac system monitor right from the menu bar

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This looks very much like iStat Menus:
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@jordsta Almost too similar, even the icon structure is the same. Some of the stats UI kinda looks the same, but to be fair this does also have plugin support if you want to develop your own module.
@iamsebj yeah the plugin support is an interesting differentiator.
@jordsta Thanks for the headsup!
Quick reminder for folks who enjoy this kind of statistical information: These kinds of apps that constantly poll the CPU for data like this can drastically impact battery life. So think about that before you go installing it on your MacBook(s)
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"for macOS El Capitan and Yosemite only"
@sfhosley sucks, hoping a sierra version coming soon.
Just downloaded! Looks pretty handy 💫
Have been using for a while. Very handy!