Get times for cities around the world straight from the menu bar.
- Show a clock for each city right in the menu bar
- Click the icon in the menu bar to quickly see city times
- Accurate sunrise, sunset and twilight times
- Select any place around the world to add to the menu
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There are a bunch of world time menubar clocks, but this one has many attributes I like: - it's free - it's easy to read at a glance (I put it next to the system clock) - it supports many locations at once - it's not overly complex given its straightforward functionality
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@chrismessina In my opinion, a one time payment of $1 is better than free. That way I know: - They will keep updating the app with Mac OS updates - Won't need to sell data/my privacy to keep this alive - Won't be cluttered with ads in future - won't have annoying pop-ups with CTAs to the maker's other products
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@arunaugustine I don't think charging a dollar will guarantee any of those outcomes. Ultimately it's up to the developer to decide what they want to do w/ the app. There are plenty of apps I've paid for that become abandonware, and other apps that are free that the develop loves to maintain. I also don't think this kind of app will have a sufficient number of users to sell out their privacy — whatever that even means in this case (I don't think the app really collects any PII). And it's hard to imagine that this app would have ads... it barely has surface area for that. Anyway, I understand your concerns, but I just don't think they really apply here.

Most of these apps are $2-$5, which seems a bit high given what my needs are (to know what time it is someplace else, usually one other place). Free is a great price point!


It's free, easy to read at a glance (I put it next to the system clock), supports many locations at once, and is not overly complex


I think "analog" is misspelled throughout the app, and some of the options area little confusing.

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The word is analogue here in England (as used by Mac OSX when using the English language), if that was the spelling mistake you had picked up.
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Very useful for distributed teams like ours.
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@rrhoover Have been looking for something like this for our team too! Very useful. But I wish it charged at least $1. That way at least I know that it's business model doesn't invade my privacy.
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I just replaced the system app with this drop down. Miss the date though
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Fast, simple, exactly what was needed for remote teams that need nothing more than a quick reference across zones.
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