Menu-bar Artboards by Pilcro

Store and share your brand assets in your menu bar

Menu-bar Artboards by Pilcro means you can store and share your brand guidelines in your menu-bar 😃

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Heyyy Product Hunters. Pilcro (the free brand guidelines software for Google Suite - No. 1 Product of the day back in June 😻😻😻) is now launching its desktop app for Mac. You can download it for free onto your desktop once you have signed in to Pilcro. You’ll find the desktop app in your Mac top bar. With Pilcro you can get all your branding assets in one place so that you can access them really quickly. You don’t even need a new account - just sign in with Google. What does this mean? Well, you can copy & paste your brand assets straight to your work saving you valuable time! Pilcro is completely free for teams of up to 4 people and we would love to hear your feedback. And for existing Pilcro users, its time to download the app! It makes Pilcro even easier to use. Have a wonderful Wednesday. Hugo
Pilcro is next to 1Password and Skype the only tools, who have a space at the menu bar. Really powerful, when you work on several clients or just want to make sure that your brand identity is met correctly.

Being able to quickly upload images, snippets, links and videos to a drop down list on my menu bar and then paste them into any new document or presentation is so quick and useful. And knowing that everyone on the team is using the same assets saves time and secures a consistent team output.


All brand assets and marketing tools conveniently on the menu bars of the whole team - helps team consistency.


Keep getting updates!

Super handy tool, I use everyday for client work and for my own projects. It saves me a lot of time


- Easy to use

- The free tier has a tone of value


- I just found it too late ;)

Great job !! 😊 Would request you to make for Windows?
Hi @ayush_chandra, good news, if you follow the download link once you have logged in at I would love your feedback.