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Mentorly is the first online arts mentorship platform providing the opportunity to connect emerging and professional artists and creative thought leaders worldwide. Mentors slide out profiles, calendars, booking, payment, and video calls all hosted seamlessly on

  • Pros: 

    Inexpensive support and information from working artists. Builds confidence , supplies advice and support.


    I don't find any negatives right now. It'sonly been worth the price, whichis already extremely affordable.

    To be connected with working dancers has been invaluable for my students daughter as she embarks on auditions in pursuit of a professional dance career. Sage , timely and honest advice has given her confidence to go into auditions and perform her best.

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  • Lisa Linger
    Lisa LingerEntrepreneur

    Amazing collection of mentors from all types of backgrounds ready to help you jumpstart your career, improve a new hobby, or inspire you!


    No cons at the moment!

    I've had two mentor sessions through mentorly, but have interacted with my mentor a couple of times through Slack and email which goes to show that the mentors are really in it to help each one of us! It is invaluable to have someone who has been in the business for a lot longer than you believe in your work. It is worth every penny and I wish everyone could experience this level of mentorship.

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Love this idea. My brother could have used this when he first got into videography.
@rrhoover Thanks so much, Ryan! Is your brother a videographer now? The path to success is confusing and winding. With so many incredible mentors hungry to give back, it doesn't have to be anymore! We are so elated to see so many mentee's more confident and prepared after only a few months into our launch.
Hey All- thanks for taking a look at Mentorly! Mentorly is the very loved brainchild of two women artist-entrepreneurs who, through personal experience and pain points echoed by hundreds of artists, sought to make arts mentorship more intentional, accessible, and immediate. They created Mentorly to bridge the gap in education, offering artists ‘real world’ guidance and, ultimately, contributing to a more vibrant art community. As working artists, Mentorly’s co-founders united over a common pain point. On one hand, I am a professional dancer, and would receive hundreds of informal requests for advice that would clog up her Facebook messenger and Instagram inbox. As much as I wanted to help these aspiring dancers, the channel seemed too informal and inefficiently setup for providing thoughtful guidance. I saw this happening to countless other artists and started to ask if this was a common issue. It was. There were talented and thought leading minds wanting to give back and pools of people that were hungry to gain access and knowledge. Katherine, however, experienced the gap from a different perspective. “Founding a video production company right out of school and building it for the following 8 years was extremely rewarding, but also isolating at times. I often felt I missed out on the opportunity to build a network of peers and more importantly, experienced and like-minded professionals that I could look up to for guidance. What I really needed was a mentor.” Both set out to fill this gap by building a platform that would foster creative exchanges and overall unite and strengthen the art community. The result is Mentorly.
@awerhun Great work. Signing up as a mentor
@baybayin Thanks for signing up! We are so happy to have you!
Keep up the great work guys!
@alecmcguffey Thanks so much! Full steam ahead :)
I really love the concept. I was working on a project like this for dev programmer :)
I just found this project and I think it's amazing. Mentoring has always been crucial for artists since the beginning of time. And now with you can actually find a guide who will help you understand your strenghts and weaknesses in your field.
@antoniobellu Thanks so much for hunting us :) It is crucial, but most of the time those mentors are unreachable. We wanted to change that.